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Renewable Energy Coffee Chat with Dayaway Careers

Last week ECTC hosted a conference call with Mike Brownell from Dayaway Careers and two MBA graduates working in the renewable energy sector.

Dan Abbott (UCLA Anderson '16), Manager, Project Finance at Clearway Group and Mattox Hall (Duke Fuqua '16), Director, Strategy and Market Intelligence at Vestas both spoke about their career journey from business school and recruiting advice for ECTC members.

Common advice included:

  • Be patient - the interesting opportunities in renewables come along in the spring and try your best to tune out the b-school herd who have elected for the traditional paths, since they will have jobs locked down much earlier.

  • Success begets success - once you have landed that first internship, interview, offer--whatever it may be--these things have a tendency to snowball off each other.

  • Energy on the resume - the energy industry is a unique space, so they recommended to be sure to highlight your energy experience wherever possible in the resume. Case competitions, school projects, internships, work assignments are all good places to start.

  • Outlook is positive - they were both very satisfied with their decision to enter this profession and are optimistic at the short and long term prospects for MBAs pursuing careers in renewable energy and cleantech.

Mike Brownell is the spirited founder of Dayaway Careers, a job listing and networking platform dedicated to helping students and recent graduates find careers in clean energy. I highly recommend students who are interested in recruiting for renewable energy/cleantech reach out to him on linkedin for free advice.

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